alexandjoshHello- is brought to you by two brothers who struggled with debt throughout their college years and managed to turn it all around. Having racked up a decade of experience working in personal finance we felt the need to “give something back” and right some of the wrongs that became glaringly obvious to us in both college, and then during our careers.
While some of our youthful debt issues can be blamed on lack of responsibility, they were exacerbated by a predatory loans industry. The reality that few people are aware of is that bad credit and debt can happen to anyone, at any time and is not always down to poor money management. It doesn’t take much to rock a person’s financial foundations to the core: an accident, illness, redundancy, or a perfect storm of too many monetary demands that become overwhelming can all play their part.
Here we work as “Robin Hoods” to bring you lenders who do things differently in an industry that has a traditionally sour reputation. We review and promote lenders who specialize in a variety of industry-leading bad credit loan products that are purposefully intended to HELP people who need a break the most.
With no refusals, low interest rates and dynamic repayment plans on all loans, you can select the amount you need and borrow safely with the knowledge you’ve taken a step towards a better future.

-Alex and Josh