How To Find a Loan bad creditIf you don’t know where to get a loan with bad credit, or you have avoided exploring further because you’ve heard “horror stories” from people, then you might want to take a fresh look at what’s available. Loans like these have had a complete overhaul in the last year or two and there are some fantastic lenders that provide the same great financial opportunities as a regular loan.

Let’s bust some myths!
There are so many lenders online-what’s the difference, really? I can’t see one! If you are new to searching for bad credit personal loans then you may not realize that the devil is in the details. Unethical lenders, and unqualified reviewers often exaggerate the “good points” and gloss over things that matter, like hidden costs, high interest rates and sneaky repayments. We hate that sh*t too, so we don’t do that. That’s the difference- our lenders are transparent, and fair.

Aren’t bad credit loans just for people who waste money on stuff they don’t need?That’s the image promoted by loan sharks so that they can get away with horribly unfair, extortionate repayment terms. Those people deserve it, right? Sucks to be them! ..except.. low credit can also be the result of living on a veteran’s pension, struggling as a single parent or person with disabilities, ill-health, or any other kind of plain bad luck. These people want to “waste money” on essentials such as groceries, medication, schooling fees, and car repairs and have no choice other than a low credit score loan. That’s why we help all customers find a fair lender. We don’t judge and nor should you.

Loans for people with poor credit are a rip off!!!No, they really aren’t-IF you make a smart choice and don’t fall for cheap websites with glitzy marketing.

When you choose the right lender, it’s even easier to qualify for no credit check loans than any other type of loan; smart shopping can find you loan amounts and terms that are almost indistinguishable from loans found at your bank, credit union or a “prime” independent lender.

Be wary- there are a few pitfalls if you aren’t sure how to find a loan for people with low credit scores and sadly, there are some unethical lenders who prey on consumer naivety. If you aren’t sure what you are doing you can risk paying a lot more than is fair, with hidden fees and exaggerated repayment terms that make borrowing horribly expensive. That’s why it pays to choose from lenders who have a great reputation-supported by customers just like you.

Obviously, few of us have the time and the financial acumen to read through the many thousands of loan offers from different lenders and make a wise decision, which is why we created this site. By showcasing only the highest rated, PROVEN lenders, you can select your loan in confidence. The question of where to find a loan somehow with a bad credit score gets a LOT easier to answer when you know that you can choose ONLY from lenders who:

  • Won’t slam you with hidden charges
  • WILL accept you-whatever your background
  • WILL provide you with the lowest applicable APR
  • Allow YOU to choose repayments that fit your budget
  • Help you repair your credit

It’s no wonder that so many people with good credit envy our Loans that accept bad credit!



3yearloans have a range of long term loans that have a top limit of $35,000, and a dynamic range of repayment terms up to an easy 5 years- with three years being the average terms selected by most applicants. Because they don’t check your credit score you can apply, pre-qualify instantly and see the amazing range of long term installment loans that fit your immediate needs-with NO obligation.



OneClickLoan have got what it takes to keep customers happy and loyal, with short term loans that are a huge step up from “payday” loans of the past. Whatever your cash emergency, help is just one click away- with a great range of short term loans that work with you and not against you. You can borrow between $100 and $1000 instantly- with no credit check and no guarantor needed, thus keeping your finances discreet.



Onlinelendinghub are exactly what their name suggests- a hub for every kind loan! Big, small, long term, short term- you’ll find them all here and more. What makes them great is that you only apply once- with no credit check- and onlinelendinghub do the rest. They bring you every single applicable pre-approved loan offer from all relevant companies on their extensive database.